Welcome to the Denver Bridge website !

9/26/2020 – Even though face-to-face bridge in clubs and at tournaments has been limited, the business of the Unit continues.

  • The Fall TableTalk has been published and is in the process of being distributed.
  • The November Unit elections are coming up, with a new twist – online voting (keep reviewing the MEMBERS pages for the latest information).  In addition to voting for Unit Board positions, please also review the additional question of Bylaws modifications.
  • The ACBL has pushed back director support for all tournaments through February (the earliest possible tournament that the Unit could hold is our regular March Sectional).
  • Regional plans are continuing with Julie Clark transitioning into the Regional Chair position and working with the outgoing Chair Wayne Eckerling.
  • The tournament site committee, headed by Rick Gardner, is hard at work to select a site to replace Jefferson County Fairgrounds for our next Sectional.
  • Elly Larson – at Denver Metro Bridge – has taken the lead for exploring online bridge options, and providing great options for online play against local talent.
  • Website modifications continue.

We hope that as Unit elections approach members avail themselves of information in the TableTalk and at various locations on this website to make informed decisions.  Online voting will be enabled on the morning of November 1, 2020.