2020 Board Candidates

The following Denver Unit Members have been submitted for the 2020 Election of new Board Members.

Tom Barrett
I am a semi-retired professor from the University of Denver. I still teach in the graduate school of professional psychology as clinical professor emeritus at DU.

My parents both played party bridge and they were eager to teach me to play. However, I resisted until I started playing in college and graduate school. I quickly became addicted to this best of all card games. I played occasional party bridge until Paul Ossip and Norma Sands encouraged me to start playing duplicate. I joined ACBL in 2000 but I moved to Europe in 2004 to work for the World Health Organization. I played some duplicate in Geneva Switzerland but the games were not eligible for ACBL master points.

I achieved life master status in 2014, seven years after returning to the United States. I am interested in improving the popularity of duplicate bridge, particularly with young people. I am thankful for those who have helped to improve my level of play and I believe in giving back. I would appreciate your support.

Julie Clark
Hi, my name is Julie Clark. I currently serve on the Denver Unit 361 Board of Directors in the roles of Secretary and Caddy Chair.

Since retiring from 25+ years of public service, I have been able to enjoy playing duplicate bridge several times each week. It has been a joy getting reacquainted with many of you and meeting others.

Next year, I am looking forward to taking on the role of Regional Chair. My hope is to continue the previous chairman’s efforts in working with the Unit, the District and the Members to make Denver’s Regional one of the most popular tournaments in the country.

I love bridge, and serving on the Unit’s Board of Directors is my opportunity to pay back the bridge community for all the pleasure I have taken from the game over the years. The Board of Directors is a hard working group of individuals who share a passion for bridge, and I would love the opportunity to continue working with them for another term.

Kathleen Kelly
I was lucky to have spent 35 years teaching HS Mathematics, 29 of them at Niles West HS in Skokie, Il, a northern suburb of Chicago. During those years I coached the Math Team, sponsored the Pom Pom squad, was a member of the PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Assoc.), and was elected union VP of our teachers union. I served on the executive board of the union and was involved in contract negotiations and grievance settlements.

When we first retired in 1999, my husband Bob Murphy and I split our time between Ireland and Sun City Center (SCC), Fl. We both volunteered with the SCC Emergency Squad. Bob was a first responder and an ambulance driver and I was an EMT. That 14 years of service was a very rewarding and learning experience.

We had more time while in Ireland to pursue our bridge interests. Bob and I began our duplicate bridge life when we married in 1990 and immediately became bridge fanatics. When retired, we helped the bridge club in SCC by taking charge of the food at the club's annual Sectional Tournament.

I believe that to have a viable Bridge Unit requires the commitment of its members. I will be happy to serve the Unit in whatever capacity needed.

Tom Purl
I consider it a great honor to be considered as a member of the Board for Unit 361 District 17. to that end allow me to say a few things about myself.

I retired to Denver area from Philadelphia Pennsylvania in August of 2019. While in Philadelphia I was a member of the Board of Unit 141 for 30 years. During that time, I was the President of Unit 141 for a 2-year term. I helped select playing venues and made arrangement with the venues as to what the Unit could bring from outside the venue and what we had to allow the venue to supply. I was also a member of District 4 Board of Governors for 20 years. I helped select venues for Regionals along with arranging for outside items that we could provide.

I am a qualified Club Director and have taken and passed the ACBL exam for Tournament Assistance. I have Directed at all Sectionals in Unit 141 for the last 5 years, we had a Sectional about every 3 months. I also was the partnership chairman for all the Sectionals. I also Directed at the last 4 Regionals in Philadelphia and last 3 Regionals in Lancaster Pa. I was the partnership chairman for 3 Nationals that were held in Philadelphia and for the World Bridge Federation that were also held in Philadelphia. I also acted as a view graph operator for the World Team games.

Rita Simas
Hello, this is Rita Simas, like my fellow nominees, I have been playing bridge for many, many years. My logic teacher in college volunteered to teach anyone in class how to play bridge since it was a wonderful way to learn deductive reasoning. I was 19 at the time, and I shocked my mother by having two tables of bridge at our home. She and I would play in bridge tournaments for many years after that.

I am currently the Hospitality Chair, and I would be honored to continue that role in the next term.

A company transfer from Los Angeles brought me to Denver in 2007 as part of the Boeing and Lockheed merge of their Rocket programs. I have fallen in love with this city and state, and I have elected to retire here.

In addition to playing bridge I am an active volunteer in various non-profit activities as well as holding a variety of elected positions within the Democratic Party organizations here in Colorado. I collect colorful art and enjoy searching second hand stores for unique, memorable objects de art and architecture. I share my home with an older Border Collie mix, Piper, and two incorrigible cats, Tov and Sherlock. All are rescues, and they shower all guests with affection and demands for pets (except the more reserved Sherlock).

Hoping to get back to face-to-face bridge when it is safe for us, but love the Denver Metro Virtual Club environment and play five days per week.